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Analysis on Prospective of PVC Moulding Export
Analysis on Prospective of PVC Moulding Export
China is a developing country with characteristics of low production level, rich workforces, cheap cost of production and excellent market prospects as other developing countries. However, the GDP per capita in China has already exceeded two thousand dollars. Meanwhile, China has possessed advanced technology and firm industrial base. Moreover, Chinese people are smart, diligent, and dexterous that with the Opening-up to the Outside World Policy, the PVC moulding industries are springing up in the past few years. Although China¡¯s moulding industry started latter than other developed countries, it develops rapidly.
From an international prospective, there are more and more foreign companies investing in mainland China to build up factories and offices. Secondly, the cost of production in the developed countries is getting higher and higher that many industrial countries incline to turn their business to China. Due to the rapid improvement of moulding technology in China, the reasonable price, and the high cost performance of the moulding, an increasing number of industrial countries are going to purchase a great amount of moulding which is made in China. Because some of the developing countries with weak industrial base are poor in technology, the amount of the PVC moulding they produced is far more than enough to meet the demand of the international market. Therefore, the demand of the PVC moulding exceeds supply that the countries have to import the PVC moulding to meet their domestic demands. Although many countries incline to purchase the high quality moulding from other developed countries, the price of China¡¯s moulding is more competitive that the made-in- China moulding occupies a large population in the market.
From the domestic prospective, European countries, America, Japan and some other developed countries around the world is the major market of China¡¯s moulding. Moreover, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam also contribute a large amount of export revenue in our country. The Industrial Assiation of Chinese Moulding helps the moulding enterprises to attend the related international fairs in Europe and America which make a great contribution to the international communication and cooperation.
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